Recent National Print Media Coverage

The Hill: Dems target Flake’s seat amid GOP infighting
AP/San Francisco Chronicle: Leaders in McCain’s home state frustrated by repeal failure
Reuters: Veteran Arizona sheriff faces off against three in Republican primary
Defense News: After Tuesday, Can McCain and Clinton find their reset button? 
Defense News: Ryan Works to Protect GOP Majority in Congress As Trump Campaign Flails
Defense News: McCain’s Trump Problem
The Washington Post: Longtime metro Phoenix sheriff faces his toughest race ever
Las Vegas Sun: In toughest campaign yet, Phoenix sheriff raises nearly $10 million
NBC News: Sen. John McCain Seeks Latino Backing in Re-Election Bid
New York Times: Arizona Supreme Court Allows Challenge to State’s Medicaid Expenses
National Journal: How the Right Hijacked Arizona
Washington Times: Immigration leads Arizona governor’s race issues
Washington Times: Brewer wins some, loses some with Republican primary endorsements
Wall Street Journal: Arizona Governor Race Gets More Crowded
Washington Times: Brewer backs GOP moderates in Arizona to preserve her legacy
Voxxi: Republicans Divided Over What to Make of Ted Cruz
National Public Radio: The Survivor: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Outlasts Political, Legal Trouble
National Public Radio: Hispanics Certain to Vote for Obama, But in What Numbers?
Washington Times: Western State Groups Urge Immigration Reform
Politico: GOP Likes Martha McSally’s Chances in Arizona Rematch
Voxxi: Sen. John McCain exemplifies GOP’s flip-flop on immigration
Voxxi: George P. Bush Could Be Headed for Greatness
Voxxi: Richard Carmona Could be Arizona’s First Latino U.S. Senator
National Journal: Will Republicans Pay a Price for Immigration Stance?
National Journal: Is Obama Competitive in Arizona? Could the GOP Blow Arizona?
The Daily Beast: Barber Keeps Giffords’ Congressional Seat
The Washington Post: Has Mitt Romney Put Arizona in Play?
Washington Times: Arizona immigration hard guy ponders another run for office
The Daily Beast: Will Arizona’s GOP Self-Destruct?
The Daily Beast: Electability Key to Romney Primary Win in Arizona
Real Clear Politics: Senate Race in Play?
Voxxi: Voter Turnout may Increase due to Supreme Court Rulings
Voxxi: Stakes high in Arizona as it awaits Supreme Court immigration ruling
Washington Times: Arizona Tarmac Tiff trips Obama Campaign.
Washington Times: Giffords Likely to Pass on Senate Race
Washington Times: Tenative Return to Politics as Giffords Recovers
Washington Times: Border hawk fights for job in Arizona recall
Washington Times: Brewer Shuns Debates

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