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KTAR: What would it mean for Arizonans if the federal government shut down?
12 News: Clinton announcement may not sway Arizona voters
12 News: November 8 set to be historic for marijuana legalization
12 News: Discount Tire faces boycott for Arpaio signs
KTAR: Easy wins for Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Sen. John McCain but fall vote could be more of a test
12 News: Clinton announcement may not sway Arizona voters
Phoenix Magazine: Trumping Arizona
Arizona Republic: Valdez: How did Arizona Democrats wind up on life support?
Arizona Republic: Arizona Proposition 123 outcome is too close to call
Arizona Republic: Tax Cuts Have Left Arizona Short of Cash
 Arizona Republic: Montini: Symington Deems Attacks on Hillary Political
KTAR: Expert: Forget ‘spin’ and fix Phoenix VA problems immediately
KTAR: Initial Republican 2016 Presidential Debate Bar Fight
Arizona Republic: Arizona AG race flooded with money from outside groups
Arizona Republic: Are Arizona candidates as awful as advertised? Really?
Arizona Republic: Gay Marriage in Arizona: Some campaigns trying to exploit fight
Arizona Republic: Barber-McSally race recount likely
Arizona Republic: Ducey wins race for Arizona Governor
Arizona Republic: Border Killings: 46 border deaths, 0 agents disciplined
Arizona Republic: Outside spending on political races reaches $26M
Arizona Republic: Arizona GOP chairman appoints woman to replace Russell Pearce
Arizona Republic: Arizona AG race flooded with money from outside groups
Arizona Republic: Are Arizona Candidates as awful as advertised?
Arizona Republic: Gay marriage in Arizona: Some campaigns trying to exploit fight
Arizona Republic: Ducey wins GOP nomination for governor
Arizona Republic: Border-accountability bill introduced in U.S. House
Arizona Republic: Controversy hasn’t stalled Horne fundraising
Arizona Capitol Times: Independent Voter’s Clout Doesn’t Match Their Numbers
Arizona Republic: Independent voters biggest voting bloc in Arizona
Tucson Citizen: More Arizonans Abandoning Major Parties 
Arizona Republic: Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer won’t fight for the right to run again
Arizona Republic: GOP gubernatorial hopefuls praise Jan Brewer for service
Arizona Republic: Arizona Pot Advocates set Sights on ’16 Ballot Initiative
Arizona Republic: Mesa Mayor Smith will Quit to Run for Governor
Arizona Republic: Arpaio Vulnerable?
Arizona Republic: Russell Pearce Beaten But Still a Force
Arizona Republic: Leading Phoenix-area Pollster Slams Pearce
Phoenix Magazine: Staunchly-Red Arizona is Looking a Bit More Blue in 2012
Phoenix Magazine: Traditionally Suspense-Free, the Phoenix Mayoral Election Goes Down to the Wire
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