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Recent Op-Ed Articles
Viewpoints: How to read the polls like a pro (Arizona Republic Op-Ed, October 21, 2016)
My Turn: What ‘I’m not politically correct!’ really means (Arizona Republic Op-Ed, September 5, 2016)
2014 Election Results: Pundits missed the obvious (Arizona Republic Op-Ed, November 10, 2014)
What makes America exceptional? It’s not what you think (Arizona Republic Op-Ed , October 9, 2014)
Demise of ‘tea party’? Far from it (Arizona Republic Op-Ed, June 21, 2014)
Why Arizona has SB 1062, crazy priorities (Arizona Republic Op-Ed, March 10, 2014)
Arizona vs. Massachusetts (Arizona Republic Op-Ed, January 14, 2013)          (–Data Sources for article)
Myths that Hinder a Debt-Cutting Compromise (Arizona Republic Op-Ed 9/24/2011)
How Much Government Do We Want? (Arizona Republic Op-Ed 8/8/2009)
Health Reform: What happens TODAY (22 Sept 2010)
Public Furor over AIG Bonuses Misses Bigger Picture (Phoenix Business Journal, March 2009)
On Inauguration Day: Reflections on Loving v. Virginia
Budgetary Preferences (Arizona Republic Op-Ed)
         Full Article with Graphics
         Follow up Television Sunday Squareoff
Methodological Articles
Viewpoints: How to read the polls like a pro
Arizona Republic Interview with Mike O’Neil on Survey Methodology Topics
(Polling and Research Principles Explained for a Lay Audience)
Why Most Internet Surveys are Useless
Why the Worst Polls Get Reported the Most
What the Network Polls Do and Don’t Do
Dispelling Electoral Myths
Lies, Damn Lies, and Police Statistics (Arizona Guardian)
Polls and Presidential Elections: Arizona Republic interview