Robert Robb, Chuck Coughlin on Politics

Arizona Republic columnist Robert Robb joins the Think Tank along with Republican political consultant Chuck Coughlin.

Ezra Klien has written, “In retiring, (U.S. Sens. Jeff) Flake and (Bob) Corker are saying that the only Republicans who can speak out against Trump are those who have abandoned any hope of a political future.” Is this true?

Is the entire elected Republican establishment so afraid of President Donald Trump (and his supporters in Republican primaries) that they have been cowed into submission?

Has the Republican Party been irreparably changed by Trump? If a bedrock conservative Republican, such as Flake, cannot run in a Republican primary, what does being a Republican mean?

The Republican Party used to stand for free trade, immigration and a muscular American leadership in world affairs. Under President Trump, can it lay claim to any of these ideals?