Trump’s first 100 days: A conversation with Chuck Coughlin

Since former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt successfully pushed through a mass of legislation in his first 100 days, presidents have been measured for their performance at this milestone.

President Donald Trump passed that mark Saturday, so the Think Tank takes a look back at how he has done. To this end, we invited Chuck Coughlin, one of the sharpest political minds around, to engage him in a discussion of how the president has fared in his first three-plus months in office.

We take a look at Trump’s:

  • legislative accomplishments (a Supreme Court nominee confirmed)
  • foreign affairs (brinksmanship with North Korea, engagement with China)
  • government by executive order (travel bans, deportations, loosening of environmental regulations)

In a final segment, we look at some of Trump’s personal attributes.

  • Is he as good a negotiator as he says he is?
  • How engaged is he in his policies?
  • What other forces have impacted his administration? Has the Republican establishment won out over Trump’s personal proclivities?