Learning about the Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest with Tim Hogan

We’ll take a look at many of the politically significant class-action lawsuits against public entities in the state of Arizona over the last 30 years. More often than not, you will find the Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest representing the plaintiffs.

These include a recent lawsuit against the state for failing to fund education at levels mandated by the voters in a citizen initiative. Other cases have involved campaign finance reform, civil rights, consumer rights, enforcing the federal Clean Air Act, litigation over state trust lands, school vouchers, the rights of English language learners and river and streambed protection.

Who is this organization? How does it select cases to pursue? What are its motivations?

Tim Hogan has the been executive director for the center for most of its 30-plus years in Arizona is our guest in the Think Tank for our first three segments.

In our final segment, noted attorney Tom Rogers comments.