Talking the Obama presidency with Carl Cannon, Editor at Real Clear Politics

Our guest, Carl M. Cannon, is executive editor and Washington bureau chief for Real Clear Politics, a go-to website for most political junkies.

The Think Tank explores his views on the Barack Obama presidency, its successes, failures, and legacy. We pay special attention to three key areas:

Healthcare: Obamacare is clearly a signature achievement of this administration. Presidents since Theodore Roosevelt have tried and failed to expand the provision of healthcare in a way that Obama succeeded, but Obamacare has become a contentious issue.

The Economy: When Obama took office, the world’s economy was on the brink of collapse. Critics, however, have charged that the actions he took were at too great a cost.

Foreign policy: At his inauguration, the United States had over 200,000 troops engaged in increasingly unpopular wars. The president largely completed a withdrawal of these troops, but some have argued that this withdrawal precipitated the growth of ISIS and other unwelcome developments.

He completed a nuclear agreement with Iran and Russia has become more adventurous in the Ukraine and throughout the Middle East.